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iLockerz systems designed for Distribution and Logistics can greatly improve the management of hand held scanners, data terminals, keys, fuel cards, mobile phones and much more...

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 Logistics Lockers for Scanner Storage and Tracking

Distribution and Logistics operations are the back bone of any business and it goes without saying that the equipment that is used must be managed in a way that allows it to be shared, kept in working condition and always available - despite hard conditions and high demands.

By utilising iLockerz your Distribution and Logistics operation will be able to secure all important keys, fuel cards, hand held scanners, headsets and PDA's in a central and easily accessible location. With our intelligent keyless lockers it becomes simple to track the usage and status of all important equipment without constant management interaction, ultimately cutting out the time that may currently be being wasted looking for keys, radios, scanners and other equipment.

Other great benefits include drastic reductions in asset repair and replacement overhead costs, more efficient shift hand overs that do not require management to oversee the whole process, a guarantee that equipment will be fully charged when it is required for use, automatic PAT test and calibration reminders at set date or usage intervals and much more.


iLockerz can be used within your Distribution and Logistics operation to manage Hand Held Scanners, Voice Units, Keys, Data Terminals, Fuel Cards, Mobile Phones, Radios, Label Printers, Knives and Blades, Taco Graphs and other Delivery or Job Documentation, Castell Line Locks and any other important piece of equipment.


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How can iLockerz work for me?

iLockerz can be used as a central storage, charging and collection location for the equipment that is at the centre of an efficient logistics operation. By simply adding an iLockerz RFiD iTag to your important equipment and placing it within one of our locker systems, you will gain automatic reports and audit trails whilst keeping equipment secure and only available to authorised team members. Combine this with such features as key pre-booking and overdue alerts, and your operation will get more from its staff meaning more efficiency, vast reductions in wasted time, no more wasted money on broken equipment or speeding fines, and an overall more effective business. 


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