iLockerz for the Automotive sector can securely store, re-charge and track the usage of diagnostic tablets and laptops, calibrated equipment, tools, trade plates and much more...

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Vehicle Diagnostic Tablet Lockers and RFiD Tool Tracking Trolleys for the Automotive Sector

Within the Automotive Sector many processes and procedures are put in place to ensure that staff can work quickly and efficiently to maximise on vehicle turnover, although the trolleys and other systems that are used to manage the valuable tools and equipment in use are often neglected from the decision making process.

Whether your business is a small service centre or a large production plant you will be well aware that it is crucial to have tools and equipment in the right places, with the right people and at the right times so that work can be completed quickly and to a high standard.

With iLockerz your operation can secure all important tools and equipment in an easily accessible locker system or tool trolley that gives operatives fast electronic access and also automatically records when tools go out and who they have gone out with. Not only does this ensure that time isn't wasted looking for missing tools, it also allows work to be completed to the highest possible standard as the correct tools will always be being used.

Other benefits include putting a stop to expensive and needless replacement costs because tools or diagnostic tablets become lost or are used carelessly, the ability to set calibration intervals automatically with emails triggered and alerts if tools aren't returned at the end of the day. With iLockerz it is also possible to audit performance and status of all staff and equipment remotely, locally or centrally, ultimately allowing your business to make the most of expensive diagnostic devices, tools and team members.

iLockerz can be used within your Automotive workplace to effectively manage Power Tools, Diagnostic Laptops, Rugged Tablets, Calibrated Socket Wrenches, Spanners, Keys, Cameras, Trade Plates and any other equipment that is important to effective operation.


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How can iLockerz work for me?

By placing the keys, tools and equipment that staff rely on within an iLockerz tool trolley or locker your team are offered fast and simple access that allows them to get on with the job at hand. Combine the simplicity and security of the iLockerz with the easy to use and automatic report generating web software and your business will get more from its equipment, team and premises within weeks.


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