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As iLockerz are designed, manufactured and supported in the UK they can be made to securely track and manage any equipment that is important to your organisation. Click here to see more...

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Equipment Tracking and Management Specialists

No matter what your business or industry there will be equipment within your workplace that is managed in an antiquated and in-effective way. Proven many times over in all types of industry, outdated processes not only reduce efficiency and waste massive amounts of time and money, but often also put the safety of users at risk!

Here at iLockerz we are proud to say that we have in house R&D, Manufacturing, Project Management and Support teams that work closely with customers to provide solutions that combat some of the worlds most imaginative equipment tracking and management problems to increase efficiency and safety on site. Combine our experience with the ever growing and improving technologies at our disposal - and finding the perfect solution to your equipment management needs has never more of a reality.

Although we offer a standard range of locker systems and cabinets, we have also provide;

  • Retrospective RFiD fit out of existing stores and areas to give a full audit trail of all equipment moving in and out with electronic airlock
  • True RFiD integration with iLockerz hardware, software, project management and installation
  • Free standing containers and rooms that allow equipment to be tracked in and out for short term projects or on outdoor facilities with RFiD Airlock and RFiD Mantrap
  • Live tracking of equipment on a site via RFiD and GPRS triangulation
  • RFiD weapon tracking and security for armories and weapon stores
  • GPS asset tracking that will track equipment around the world
  • Bar code software that allows assets to be audited, tracked and managed around the world
  • Low cost mechanical equipment tracking systems that give security and accountability for less than £30 an asset
  • RFiD RTLS (Real Time Location Systems) that give live tracking and location of all valuable equipment within a preset area

and much more.

Here at iLockerz equipment tracking and management is our passion, and we would love to use our experience and expertise to help solve some of the problems that you may be encountering in your organisation.

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iStorez, RFiDAirlock and WeaponLockerz systems are tailored to suit your needs.

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