Emergency Services

Lockers made for Emergency Services can manage airwave radios, breathalysers, keys, camera's, evidence, weapons, cs gas and much more...

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Intelligent Radio Lockers for the Emergency Services

Equipment used within the Emergency Services must be kept secure and in great condition whilst also being available at all times. However, with many users often sharing minimal equipment in busy environments it can be hard to track down and audit equipment at the best of times. Combine this with the strict airwave radio management policies that must be in place and is clear just how necessary a secure equipment management cabinet can be.

iLockerz can help your team to secure and manage all important equipment such as Airwave Radio handsets in a central and easily accessible way. With our innovative RFiD lockers your operation can track the usage, condition and status of any piece of equipment at the touch of a button so that the time currently being wasted looking for keys, airwave radios, cameras, tasers etc can be completely eradicated.

Various system features such as the Fit For Purpose application or Item Pre-Book application also allow your team to get the most of the valuable assets at their disposal, whilst management is in complete control through remote and/or local administration.

iLockerz may be used within your Emergency Service to manage Airwave Radios, Drug Bags, CS Gas, Keys, Breathalysers, Weapons, Cameras, Tasers, Toughbooks/Laptops, Evidence, Tools and other equipment that is important to its operation.


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How can iLockerz work for me?

iLockerz can be used as a central storage location for the equipment that proves elusive and hard to manage. By simply adding an iLockerz RFiD iTag to a piece of equipment -such as an airwave radio or CS gas- and placing it within one of our radio locker systems you will gain automatic reports and audit trails whilst keeping equipment secure and only available to authorised team members. Combine this with such features as item pre-booking and overdue alerts and your force/service will get more from its assets - ultimately meaning more efficiency, vast reductions in wasted time and money and an overall more effective unit. 


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