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Hospital and Health Care iLockerz can manage duress alarms, drugs, keys, pagers, radios, testing equipment and much more...

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 RFID Lockers and Cabinets for Health Care 

The busy, hard working, closely monitored and heavily budgeted health care sector is up against a massive challenge as services that are provided must be second to none, yet resources and finance are never in abundance. This means that staff and assets must be more efficient than ever, equipment must last longer than ever, and patient care must be better than ever.

iLockerz can help your health care organisation achieve these goals by allowing you to secure all important equipment in a central and easily accessible location that will not only keep the contents safe, but will also track the usage of these assets as they move in and out.

Not only do iLockerz RFiD locker systems therefore reduce valuable time that may be being wasted looking for equipment, but they also free up resources and keep high importance items such as drug bags secure and safe - all things that allow to do the job to the best their abilities!

Alternatively, our electronic lockers and mobile phone charging stations may be used in public spaces to offer a secure and safe location for visitors and staff to store and re-charge personal equipment, 24 hours a day.

iLockerz may be used within your Hospital or Health Care organisation to manage Keys, Alarms, Pagers, Radios, Drugs, Surgical Instruments, Testing Equipment, Laptops, Sensitive Documentation, Mobile Phones and any other equipment that is important to its operation.


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How can iLockerz work for me?

iLockerz can be used as a multipurpose storage and tracking system that makes the management of important keys and equipment a doddle. By simply adding an iLockerz RFiD iTag to any piece of equipment and placing it within an iLockerz system, your organisation will gain automatic reports and audit trails whilst keeping equipment secure and only available to authorised team members. iLockerz offers your operation a solution to the head aches associated with equipment management, and also means more efficiency, vast reductions in wasted time and money, and an overall better level of care given to patients.

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