Prisons & Correctional Facilities

See how iLockerz that are made for Prisons and Correctional Facilities can help with the management of duress alarms, keys, radios, sensitive information, access control devices, pagers, controlled drugs and much more...

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RFiD Cabinets for Prisons & Correctional Facilities

When it comes to Prisons and Correctional Facilities, equipment and keys must be kept 100% secure and accounted for at all times whilst also being available at all hours of the day -no exceptions. However, with many users in such busy environments it can be hard to track down, audit and effectively manage this equipment at the best of times.

Our range of RFiD lockers can help your facility to secure all important equipment such as radio's, pagers and keys in a central and easily accessible location.

Accessed using a simple touch screen control panel with a pin code or access control card swipe or finger print read, users are given the chance to remove only the equipment that they are authorised to use. A full audit trail of equipment movement is then recorded automatically and may be viewed by administrators either as the touch screen or via the web based software.

Not only does this mean that your operation can track the usage and status of all important equipment without the use of illegible sign/sign out books, this may also mean a drastic cut in overheads by reducing staff input and wasted man hours. You will also slash expensive repair or replacement overheads due to careless misuse of equipment.

Many customers also find that the our simple electronic lockers (known as BYOD lockers) serve as the perfect solution to solve the storage of personal items that visitors and guests bring to the site. With our keyless lockers your visitors are able to store and even re-charge personal items within a secure locker that they may access when they come to leave by using a personal code that they have assigned to themselves. Not only does this make visitors happy and more relaxed about leaving their items in a public space, but it also allows the admin and reception staff to get on with work without being involved in this timely process.

iLockerz intelligent lockers may be used within your Prison or Correctional Facility to manage Radios, Keys, Drug Bags, Pagers, Panic Alarms, Cameras, Laptops, Evidence, Sensitive Documentation, Sensitive Equipment, Tools and any other equipment that is important to maintaining a safe and secure operation. Whilst simple keyless lockers may be used by visitors and guests to secure personal items within whilst on site.


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How can iLockerz work for me?

iLockerz can be used as a central storage location for the keys, radios, alarms and pagers that are used day in-day out by your working teams to give faster and more effective access. By simply adding an iLockerz RFiD iTag to these assets and placing them within a locker systems, you will gain automatic reports and audit trails of when this equipment was removed and returned whilst keeping it secure and only available to authorised team members. Combine this with such features as overdue alerts and turnstile config. and your facility will get more from its team whilst giving them the room to do their job in a totally controlled manner.

Alternatively, iLockerz in Bring Your Own Device mode can serve as perfect short term storage lockers for visitors and guests that are attending the facility.


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